Effect of Corona Virus on the Chinese Foreign exchange


China’s economy, Forex exchange, Global market, Yuan currency, Lockdown, Stock exchange rate, Covid-19, Pandemic, International market, Currency value, Securities exchange


China's economy holds a greater part in the international market and anything that affects it automatically affects foreign exchange or even the stock market in other countries in the market. The outbreak of the Covid-19 in China’s Wuhan has greatly impacted its economy on the stock market. China experienced a lockdown that has left its economy devastated and in a compromised position, economically on a global scale. This research paper analyzes the pandemic's effects on foreign exchange and the stock market, addresses coronavirus's effect on the foreign exchange rates in China, and the performance of the stock market in the country. It investigates whether there is an interrelationship between the confirmed cases and the country's economic growth effect. The interpretation provides how Covid-19 has affected the Chinese Yuan's currency value, which is an indicator of the impact of the pandemic on the stock exchange rate. The periods of the breakout and the lockdown have been analyzed to detail its impact on the economy.


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