obstacles faced by First generation black college and university students


First generation college students, Black students, Library information science, Undergraduate students, Bachelor's degree, Historically black colleges


This is a summary of  various articles contained in student journals that deals with firsthand challenges and obstacles that first generation college and university students face. It examines each journal in detail giving an executive summary. The first article seeks to address the challenges first-generation students encounter while narrowing down to academic outcomes to investigate the Student perception of  programs that focus on mental well-being. The article that follows explores First Generation Studentsí challenges while focusing on aspects that influence this population group's success in colleges. The next article highlights a prerequisite insight into the troubled history of first-generation students in the field of library and information science while criticizing the classification of the students as the first-generation as useful and necessary for empowering students. The next article uses a longitudinal study to show the impact of low-income students participation in multicultural learning that helps combat separation and marginalization at Midwestern Research University. we then see research to demonstrate impacts and academic, social adjustment on campuses at historically black colleges and universities. In conclusion, a demonstration on how these students encounter various academic drawbacks while pursuing higher education, financial difficulties, and lack of knowledge, low academic preparations, and norm adjusting challenge explores and asserts that despite an improvement in college enrolment, the attainment gaps persist for students who come from low-income families, especially the First Generation College Students and more well-off counterparts concerning the history of colleges.


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