A narrative of HIV/AIDS


HIV/AIDS pandemic, Healthy sexual attributes, Sexual irresponsibility, Viacom, Media organizations, Stigma


HIV/AIDS pandemic is and has continued to be on the headlines since the early 20th century and it continues to cause social stigma in the society as much as it has gained media attention and spread by sexual irresponsibility. This essay is bent on discussing the kind of media attention the pandemic has been getting and how the media can actually aid in curbing its spread if and when it chooses to, only that the kind of attention it has been getting is being ignored widely especially by the youth and by the encouragement of behaviors that promote unhealthy sexual attributes such as early engagements instead of delayed sexual initiation especially among the youths and other unhealthy behaviors as has been highlighted in this essay. It has also mentioned that, media organizations have the ability to positively influence behavior change and spread the correct information on the pandemic and enlighten the society and has really come in very handy in the campaign.


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