Community practice portfolio


IPC Health, primary health care, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies, Practice Nursing, clinical placement, general practitioners, chronic disease management, LGBTI community, Mental health, gender identity


1. Describe what type of health services your practice setting provides and the typical patient/client population using this service (500 words). Include artefacts (i.e. photos of the venue entrance, scanned brochures, short videos, voice files etc.).

2. Explain the roles and responsibilities of the nurse in the practice setting you have attended and compare your observations to the roles and responsibilities described in the literature (1000 words).

3. Find out how the practice setting you have attended supports LGBTI persons (seek guidance from your buddy nurse). Compare findings with the current recommendations from the literature (1000 words). Include artefacts (i.e. relevant policies, brochures, pictures of posters, short videos or voice files etc.)

4. Reflection on your community practice (500 words): Follow the provided in VU Collaborate example of the Critical Incident Analysis, except for the “Impact on Studies” section. This part does not require referencing and should be written in 1st person.


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