Managing Death


bereavement therapies, continuous bond theory, family-centred approach, Psychological elements, protest stage, individualism, Collectivism, positive adaptive strategies


The essay should include the following: An introduction that outlines the logical structure of the paper and highlights key points covered. An outline of the particulars of the case study situation (relevant information to loss and grief, presenting issues etc) Description of the nature of loss and relevance of this developmentally, socially and culturally. Identification of literature which gave you insight into the situation in the case study Identification of loss and grief theory that is relevant to the case study and a discussion of the theoretical concepts which underpin what the worker is attempting to achieve. Description of therapeutic goals the worker may try to achieve in the scenario Identification of the actions and skills the worker should exhibit within their intervention Identification of community resources that could be included in your intervention A conclusion that summarizes what you have presented and the key learnings.


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