Report on Health Care in Practice


Cardiovascular health, Aboriginal, Wiradjuri Nation, terminal illnesses, National Health Priority Areas, Korotkoff sounds, Body mass index, personal behavioural programmes, Nutrition, Primary healthcare


For this assessment task you are required to write a report on a patient whose condition fits a NHP. From the scenarios below, identify the patient from the town you investigated in your first assessment task. Create your report by utilising the information already identified and the additional details below. Based on the following template, your report will include:
Introduction National Health Priority conditions (150 words)
Introduce your report by explaining the National Health Priority (NHP) against the chosen scenario. Provide brief information about the incidence of the condition, identify the Primary Health Care and Social Determinants of Health (as identified in assessment task 1) that relate to this scenario and explain how they impact on this person.

Section 1: Screening and assessment of a National Health Priority condition (500 words)
Explain the difference between screening and assessment. Identify one screening and one assessment tool which can be used to screen or assess the patient outlined in the case study you have chosen. Explain why these tools of screening and assessmemt are useful for this NHP. Identify how the findings of the tool might be interpreted and used.

Section 2: Planning care in the primary health care setting (750 words)
Utilising the relevant National Health Priority document referred to in the tutorial sessions, identify at least three health education strategies which would be useful for your case study and briefly describe of how you could tailor them to meet the needs of people from culturally diverse groups.

Conclusion (200)
Conclude your report by explaining how primary health care can assist people in achieving better health outcomes.

Appendix: (not included in word count)
Include the screening and assessment tool you have identified for your patient. This may be a scanned copy of the document, a web link or a list of the information the tool requires you to gather.

Keywords: Cardiovascular health, Aboriginal, Wiradjuri Nation, te

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