Assessment of Indigenous Senior Men in Australia with type 2 Diabetes


Diabetes, chronic condition, gestational diabetes, aboriginal wellbeing, Torres Strait Islander, racist perspectives, sexism, psychological distress, overweight, life expectancy, disposable income


     Students are to adhere to the SMN Assessment Guidelines and ECU Referencing Guide


     You should use a minimum of 20 references of which at least 5 are journal articles + Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet .You can also use Government and organisational reports but make sure the sources are credible and that you understand the statistical data that is presented. References can be up to 7 years old

     Remember to look over the marking rubrics for these assignments to ensure you have covered everything


Choose a subgroup of one of the following populations:

         Seniors. You are required to describe a population or community and discuss the social determinants of health and health issues within your chosen population or community. You must narrow your population to a geographical area e.g. a town, city or region or state; or to a well-defined community such as an ethnic group or other minority. Listen to the community development lectures to get ideas on how you could define your community.  Reflect on what you learnt in your mental health, Child health and Culture units and think back to Foundations when you studied developmental theories as you need to show that you understand the characteristics and issues that are specific to your group.


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