Community Practice Portfolio(case Study)


Bendigo Care Centre, primary care centre, multi-professional health care services, Continuing care, diverse cultures, Indigenous Australians, health assessments, Technology


Introduce your Professional Practice setting (Bendigo Primary Care Centre- this is where I did my placement) and describe the health services this practice setting provides

Discuss the roles and responsibilities of (primary health care centre nurses) nurse’s that works in these practice setting and compare/contrast these primary care nurse’s roles and responsibilities to the current literature (journal articles)

Find out how nurses in primary health care setting provide support, prepare and empower family members/carers inorder to care for the patient/client. Compare/contrast these findings with the current recommendations from the literature

Critical reflection no in-text reference needed. Must be written in 1st person. Must be structured under the following subheadings:

                    Context and details of the situation 

        My thoughts, feelings and concerns

                    Identified areas for professional development

                    Impact on my future career

Critical reflection is a focused reflective activity about professional situation/experience (negative or positive) that has meaning and learning potential.

It should incorporate patient-centred care, therapeutic relationship or empowerment


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