Palliative Care Assessment


Palliative Care Assessment, Chronic pain, pharmacological regimes, complimentary therapies, guided relaxation therapy, musical therapy, endorphins, pain management, Gastric irritation, Death anxiety


PART A: Formulate a nursing care plan for Mr Smith based on his condition  Your care plan should address the steps of the nursing process and what you should be doing in each step when you are formulating a written care plan: 1. assessment (collect data from medical record, do a physical assessment of the patient, assess ADL's, look up information about your patient's medical diseases/conditions to learn about the signs and symptoms and pathophysiology) 2. determination of the patient's problem(s)/nursing diagnosis (make a list of the abnormal assessment data, match your abnormal assessment data to likely nursing diagnoses, decide on the nursing diagnoses to use) 3. planning (write measurable goals/outcomes and nursing interventions) 4. implementation (initiate the care plan) 5. evaluation (determine the criteria that would indicate if goals/outcomes have been met) You may wish to revise constructing nursing care plans. The following youtube videos take nursing students through the development of nursing care plans (it is American but uses Potter and Perry’s Fundamentals of Nursing text as a reference)


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