The Roles, Opportunities and Challenges of South Sudanese Mediators in Australia


mediators, disputes/conflict, resolution, roles, opportunities, challenges, cultures, South Sudanese.


The purpose of Research Methods approach or Methodology, is to prepared to do A MINOR THESIS THAT EXAMINE: “THE PERSPECTIVE OF SUDANESE MEDIATORS IN AUSTRALIA”

The guidelines are framed with a definition of mixed methods as a research approach or methodology

1.       Focusing on research questions that call for real life contextual understandings, multi-level    perspectives, and cultural influences,

2.       Employing rigorous quantitative research assessing magnitude-(scale) and frequency (rate) of constructs and rigorous qualitative research exploring the meaning and understanding of constructs,

3.       Utilizing multiple methods (e.g., intervention trials and in-depth interviews), and

4.       Intentionally integrating or combining these methods to draw on the strengths of each.

5.       Mixed methods researchers use and often make explicit diverse philosophies of science, from the strictly positivist perspectives common in the biological and natural sciences to the more post-positivist or constructivist perspectives of many of the social and behavioral sciences.

6.       Researchers who hold different philosophical positions may find mixed methods research to be challenging because of the tensions created.


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