Ethical issues in children


values and morality, Ethical practice, Ethical theories, Utilitarianism, formative stages, Teachers, lower classes, Families, collective goals, technological changes, parents, children, principles of ethics, respect for anatomy


As this is not a research project but rather an exercise in the practice of ethics for educational purposes, you do not need to seek ethics approval, a process that can take some months. For the purposes of this assignment, you will need to develop the following and attach to your assignment as an appendix.

  1. A Participant Information Sheet – a brief description of your assignment, your topic and what the person you are interviewing should expect in the interaction with you.  This information is particularly important if the ethical issue you select could be sensitive. You must ensure confidentiality and anonymity. You give a copy of this sheet to the person to keep for their information.
  2. A Consent Form that asks the person to sign a statement that they understand the purpose of the interview, have read the Participant Information and consent to engage in a conversation.

You must include the following

  • Participants must be over the age of 18 yrs (or enrolled in HSV)
  • The purpose of the discussion i.e. for university assessment
  • A description of the assignment and the ethical issue to be discussed
  • If taping your discussion, you must make assurances of complete confidentiality, that the person can withdraw themselves or their information at any time, and that tapes and notes will be destroyed following completion of the assignment and after the end of semester. Confidentiality and anonymity includes at no time talking or writing about any information (personal or professional) that could identify the person you spoke with. Gender and professional discipline background (e.g. social work, lawyer etc) may be provided as this could be relevant to the analysis. You protect identities in your essay by using pseudonyms and by not using specific job titles.

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