Primary Health Care


health organizations, vaccination, Immunology, Influenza A H5N1, ASEAN society, severe acute respiratory, syndrome (SARS), Malaria, Hepatitis B virus, Hepadnaviridae family, Tetanus, Clostridium tetani, Bordetella pertussis, Haemophilus Influenzae Type B, Primary Health Care, Binge drinking


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) more than 900 million international journeys are undertaken every year. Global travel on this scale exposes many people to a range of health risks. Many of these risks can be minimized by precautions taken before, during and after travel (WHO 2012).

The goal of this assignment is for students to conduct library research and to acquire knowledge and understanding about travel vaccinations requirements in high risk Countries. The students will develop an appreciation of health prevention and health promotion programs in Australia regarding travel health. Students will be expected to conduct their own literature search.

This assessment task requires the student to:
 Define the terms immunology and vaccination;
 Discuss the incidence and prevalence of infectious diseases in India, Singapore and Thailand. Discuss why they are considered High Risk Countries;
 Discuss the major health concerns for these Countries and the mode of transmission of the illness e.g. Hep A and Hep B;
 Discuss 3 vaccine-preventable diseases (Using WHO) and the efficacy of the vaccine (i.e. how effective is the vaccine);
 Choose 3 infectious illnesses and discuss other preventative measures individuals can apply to avoid contracting specific infections (Hep A, Hep B, yellow fever, Malaria etc) aside from vaccinations;
 Outline the role of the Primary Health Care practitioner in relation to travel vaccination education. Include also a discussion of 3 dietary OR lifestyle factors that enhance the function of the Immune system (eg increase foods with bioflavonoids for the immune system). Support this with peer reviewed evidence.


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