When Did the Cold War Start ?


Cold War, world superpowers, World War II allies, jungles of Vietnam, proxy wars, Soviet Union, United States of America, Vladimir Lenin, anti-Bolshevik white movement, Russian Civil War, Potsdam Agreements, Truman Doctrine, Communism, Marshall Plan, North Atlantic alliance, Communist Information Bureau, Zhdanov Doctrine



Your answers must include both evidence (primary sources) and interpretations (secondary sources).You must include research materials that are NOT in the Reader. 

Write a 2000word essay answering the question. In this essay you are expected to demonstrate your skills at RESEARCHand ANALYSIS. While you may use your Unit Reader, you also mustuse primary and secondary sources that you have found yourself in libraries or through good online sources. Your essay is expected to have an argument and answer the question. It should not be just description of events. Do usethe internet sources provided in the unit guide and on Collaborate along with books/ebooks and journal articles from VU library or other university libraries. Do not useunscholarlyinternet sites such as Wikipedia, historylearningsite.uk, bbc.co.uk/learning, johnclare.netor others aimed at high school students. Also be aware that there are a vast number of websites on thesetopics, be selective and critical in your choice of sources.You will not find sufficient resources by solely using the results of Google searches. 


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