Paramedics and Diagnosis of Pertussis


Differential diagnosis, Pertussis, Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Paramedics, Meningoencephalitis, Mycoplasmal pneumonia, acute neurological malfunctioning, Adenoviral respiratory infection


this paper based on one of three major areas of learning. The assignment will cover the diagnosis, epidemiology, pathphysiology and pre-hospital management of the case.

   Assignment should contain an introduction and conclusion like any piece of academic writing. Present your argument about your diagnosis and treatment, this should include 3 differential diagnosis and why you chose one and not the other. You should also include all the other areas that the rubric requires.

    Diagnosis; this discussion must look at the given history, signs and symptoms to make a clear diagnosis. You should include possible differentials diagnoses and rationale for exclusion (or rationale why you cannot exclude any particular diagnosis). All your discussion should be referenced.

Select the most likely diagnosis and discuss the following:  The epidemiology of the condition and possible contributing factors for its incidence. The pathophysiology of the condition, including likely complications. The prehospital management of the condition, including evidence to support this management. 


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