Child abuse, neglect, intervention, and protection


Attachment theory, developmental psychology, child abuse, caregivers, neglect, physical abuse, Sexual abuse, maternal deprivation, attachment difficulties


Exploration and Application of Attachment Theory

Write an academic essay of approximately 3000 words responding to the following:

Child development, attachment, emotions and relationships

It would appear from the literature that attachment theory provides useful insights into the early and life span development of humans. The normal development of attachment and hence its associated developmental phenomena is disrupted in children who have been abused and neglected. Explain your understanding of attachment theory in developmental terms and what might disrupt attachment in children? What can be the behavioural, emotional and relational outcomes of disrupted attachment? What guidelines would you suggest to guide the helping practices of those working with children with attachment difficulties?

You can use your professional context to guide your response to this task. If you are a teacher then think in terms of how the attachment difficulties might manifest in the classroom or other school environment. If you are a guidance or school counsellor what might be the implications for your counselling practice? If you are supporting families, care givers or foster families, what might be the implication in that setting? Make sure that you tell us what your setting is though.

Critical thinking is highly valued in academic and professional contexts. Attachment theory is not without its critics. You might consider how this might improve your response. 


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