Mental Health Nursing Case Study


mental disorder, Panic disorders, DSM-V manual, Anxiety disorders, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Phobia


 The purpose of this case study is to enable Mental Health Nursing  to consolidate nursing issues related to a case study based on the  class materials. This is a guided case study where the students respond by answering a series of questions. Carol 35 year old female who has presented to accident and emergency brought in by ambulance after collapsing at the local supermarket complaining of chest pain. She presents with red flushed face, increased respirations, her vital sign results are as follows: T, 36.8, P, 90, BP, 135/80, O2 Saturation 99%. Ambulance officer stated she had become hysterical at the shopping centre and needed to be reassured quite a bit before they could transport her to the hospital. Carol was accompanied to hospital by two friends who stated, “She hasn't been herself for a while. She had a lot of sick leave lately and her boss is threatening to fire her. When asked about her family and childhood; Carol states “Dad used to drink a lot and would verbally abuse me and my mother. My childhood was a bit stressful. When my Mum finally had enough of my father, she left. She left me with dad, cause I didn't want to move schools, I felt abandoned On further questioning Carol stated “I am just like my mother, she used to worry lot as well. Carol also reveals to you that when she was about 25 she had a relationship break-up and became very down and stayed in bed for a few days. When asked about her job she said it all relates to the trains, as she finds the traveling to work really stressful. Some days she feels like the train will crash. She also states some days she has an overwhelming urge to jump off the train while it is moving. When she is not on the train she is anxious, worried and thinking about the next days travel. Carol tells you that about 6 months ago she was on her way to work on the train and had experienced a frightening surge of adrenaline and her“heart went fast and she felt hot & sweaty, had trouble getting her thoughts together, but most importantly a great sense of fear and panic about what was happening. She also reports that people would say she was an anxious child. She keeps asking repeatedly “Am I having a heart attack, or am I going mad?

QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED: Using the above Case Study; please answer the following six (6) questions:

1. Using the DSM V criteria for Panic Disorder; provide evidence from the case study that indicates that Carol may meet the criteria for an Anxiety Disorder.

2. Investigate and outline the epidemiology of Anxiety Disorders in Australia. Your answer needs to cover the following areas: prevalence/incidence; possible causes; hospitalisation rates and burden of disease.

3. Discuss two (2) possible factors behind the development of Carols Anxiety/Panic disorder (using current literature).

4. Carol is currently experiencing a number of medical and mental health problems; using evidence from the case study list three 3 MAJOR problems or risks. Your problem/risk identification should focus on providing nursing interventions for Carol over the next 5 days.

5. For each of the 3 major problems identified in question 4, outline and describe three 3 nursing interventions for the management of these , resulting in a total of 9 nursing interventions Your interventions should be focused on nursing Carol over the next 5 days.

6. With reference to current literature (within the last 5 years); provide a rationale for each of the nine 9 nursing interventions. 

Demonstrates an understanding of DSM-V criteria of Panic Disorder as exhibited in case study 

2. Presents and outlines the epidemiology; prevalence; possible causes; hospital rates and burden of disease related to Panic Disorders in Australia.

3. Discuss TWO (2) possible factors behind the development of a Panic Disorder by Carol supported by current literature.

4. Clearly identifies THREE (3) MAJOR problems or risks related to case study.

5. THREE (3) nursing interventions for each problem or risk identified in question 4

6.Rationale for each nursing intervention related to the identified problems with reference to the literature

Please consider following points: - Correct sentence, paragraphs;grammatical construction;spelling and punctuation;non-discriminatory language is used. adheres to word limit.Written work is consistent with APA referencing style   


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