Evaluating a Screening Programme


Screening, Breath test , Alcohol concentration, Urine tests, hair strand test, ethyl glucuronide, Specimen, alcohol use, screening process


Students will assume the role of a Workplace Health Advisor working fora corporationthat is considering the introduction of a drug and alcohol screening program for all employees. The Advisor has been asked to write a report that critically evaluates drug and alcohol screening programs generally, and the likely implications of such a program in this specific workplace.The organisation employs around 3000 staff, including warehouse workers, delivery drivers, administration staff, and executives. All employees are based within 2 buildings located a short walk apart, in the inner city, easily accessible by public transport. There are car parking facilities available nearby at discounted rates to employees. Increasingly, office workers are working from home/off site on random days throughout the week. The Chief Executive Officer is concerned about Workplace Health and Safety issues with drug use, after a firmpaidcompensation to aworker injured in a forklift incident. Reference.Acompany offers workplace drug and alcohol screening on site, claiming that their screening results are 95% accurate. The Chief Executive Officer is considering using this organisation to screen all employees once a month. She approaches you to discuss thebenefits and downsides of drug and alcohol screening on all employees in general, and specifically using the test that this company is advertising. 1) What would you advise the CEO about the benefits and downsides to screening all employees in this organisation each month. You should include in your advice theissues with screening programs in general, as well as the specifics of this screening program. Identify at least 3 benefits and 3 downsides and discuss. (600 words).References are required. 2) The CEO is excited by this company’s test accuracy. What would you say to the CEO regarding this companies claim to be 95% accurate. (100 words) 3) You decide to do some further investigation into drug and alcohol screening tests and find a company whose test has shown to be quite reliable, with a 95% sensitivity, and a 86% specificity. a. Explain these results to the CEO (1-2 paragraphs) b. Based on other workplace screening programs, you anticipate a 0.001% prevalence of drug and/or alcohol in your workplace. Usingthese values, calculate the positive and negative predictive values if you were to use this test in your workplace. Provide an interpretation of these values in a language that would be appropriate to report back to the CEO. (Show using 2X2 table) c. Would you recommend the use of this test as a monthly screening test in your workplace? Why or Why not? (200 words


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