Mental Health Case Study


Mental State Exam, Mental psychosis, Delusions, Thought process, thought form, dissociative symptoms, hallucinations, hallucination episode, movement disorder, schizophrenia


Question 1: Define thought form and thought content as they relate to the Mental State Exam (MSE) and then discuss how we might interpret how Annabelle’s thoughts are disturbed?

Question 2: Define Perception as Relating to a Mental Status Exam and then discuss how we might interpret how Annabelle may have some disturbance in one or more of her senses?

Question 3: Define both ‘affect’ and ‘mood’. How would you describe Annabelle’s mood and the range and intensity of her affect?

Question 4: Giving examples from the Case Study, how would you describe her behaviour and her appearance as set out in a MSE?


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