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Why is it important that HR considers the wider business operations and its strategic goalsin all HR activities?b)How can consideration of the wider organisational operations, needs and goalsimprove your role as a HR professional and your workplace relationships?c)Explain how work relationships and the organisation’s culture and environment can support or hinder the achievement of planned HR activities?

Identify the main Australian employment relations legislation (federal, state/territory or local government)that affects business operations.In your response to this question:the information may be presented in table formatand should relate to the organisation at which you work and the industry sector in which the organisation operates(Note: This can be the organisation in which you currently work, or it can be an organisation that you have worked in previously. If you do not have access to an organisation that you can use to respond to this question, choose a particular type or organisation/industry sector to use and research the relevant legislative requirements that apply in your state/territory) where state/territory legislation is included, you mustincludereference to which state/territory the legislation relates; and make sure you include the full title of the Act (e.g. don’t just list ‘WHS Act’, instead list ‘Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA)’

Selectat least two different types of data/information that you could useto gatherinformationand ideas (e.g. historical data, performance data, policies and procedures) for the project.Explain howyou will:a)Analyseand use this data to help improve the HRteam’sperformance.b)Communicateinformation and ideasin a way that is appropriate to and sensitive to the diverse needs of both the HR work team and the business’s line managers. What factors will you need to take into consideration?c)Consultwith staff (both within and outside the work team) toencourage discussion about theissues that affect the work team’s performance, and to canvass ideas and gather informationabout possible ways to improve work performance. What are the consultation processes that you will use?d)Ensure you fosterpositive working relationshipsbetweenthe HR team members and the line managers, building trust and confidence within andbetween these groupsExplain how you would analyse these issues and introduce ways to improve work relationships between HR and line managers to achieve positive outcomes.a)Identify some professional networks or associations you have developed or participated in. Describe how you maintain these network relationships.b)Provide some examples of how you have used these networks to promote and benefit you, your work team and/or the organisation.

Outline some ways in which you manage or resolve conflict in your team or in other working relationships.b)Give an example of where you have addressed a workplace communication difficulty to achieve a positive outcome.

Explain how you would use communication and problem solving techniques and organisational procedures to address this work performance issue, ensuring that you comply with all organisational and legal requirements.


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