Co-morbid physical and Mental Health Problems


schizophrenia, antipsychotic treatment, type 1 diabetes, Psychosis Individual Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, pharmacotherapy management, auditory verbal, hallucinations, sleep dysfunction, Metabolic disorders, Type 2 diabetes, Metformin, Chronic pain disorders


     Using a person from your practice, present a brief case history of a person with co-morbid physical health problems and a diagnosed mental illness. You may use a hypothetical person if no one in your practice fits the above criteria. (300 words)


        Discuss the physical health problem, including known causative factors (including any iatrogenic factors related to psychiatric treatment), impacts on the life of the person and current or potential treatment options, including complementary, alternative and non-medical treatments if appropriate.

  Discuss nursing interventions that you can provide to the person to optimise their physical and mental health. Provide rationales for your interventions and discuss expected outcomes.

Support your discussion with academic literature


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