Client Teaching Activity


patient care, teaching practice, role confusion, menstruation, sex education, Erikson’s psychosocial theory, student-centred approach, Piaget’s cognitive development theory


Charlotte is a 13 year old girl who lives with her father and her younger brother in a small house in the suburbs. Her mother passed away four years ago and Charlotte often stays with her grandmother during the week to be closer to school. Charlotte has made an appointment with the school nurse because she is concerned about when menstruation will commence. You are the school nurse working with Charlotte today.

Assess the client thoroughly, this means their physical, cognitive, psychomotor skills, psychosocial status and developmental stage. Link the developmental discussion to at least one theorist, for instance you may choose Piaget for Jaxson or Erikson for Jessica. You may use different developmental theorists for other categories to demonstrate your depth of knowledge. Emphasis on each component of the assessment may differ depending on the client. Consider social, cultural and family issues. Identify the client’s learning needs, language skills, motivation, ability to learn, teaching environment and resources for learning. You need a comprehensive assessment in order to identify the problem / nursing diagnosis.

· Must follow APA style. The ECU referencing guide is your best friend!

· Must be error free both in and end text to achieve the higher marks.

 · Good sentence and paragraph structure 


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