Effectiveness of Seasonal Influenza Vaccines


• Influenza infection • Acute Respiratory Infection • Flu vaccination • Control group • Respiratory secretions • Diagnostic testing • Vaccination


Influenza is a viral infection commonly known as flu or cold. It is a common problem is the United States especially because it is seasonal. The study was conducted on participants in different hospitals who were seeking treatment for Acute Respiratory Infection Therefore creating the need for new vaccines to be implemented. The participants involved in this survey were of ages 2 years to 6 and for individuals who are above 65. The vaccines were proved to be effective for individuals of ages lower than 65 and less effective for individuals above that age, while children between the ages of 2 and 6 full vaccination is more effective compared to partial vaccination. Since this study did not make any considerations of race or demographics It is possible that it has been biased by the fact that it is a replicated test and therefore may have followed similar procedures that favor obtaining the results that it did. Therefore the results might differ if the said measures are put in considerations while performing the tests and undertaking the vaccinations.


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