Tuberculosis in India


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This essay expounds on the prevalence of Tuberculosis (TB) in India. India has been have the highest TB incidences in the world, while major contributing factors are found to be social, political and environmental determinants. TB being an airborne disease, with India ranking among the poorest in the world and also suffers overcrowding in social places; and due to poor ventilation in most public places, the spread becomes automatic. HIV/AIDS prevalence, among most people too has contributed to these high rates of Tb infection as a result of lower immunity due to the virus; late diagnosis, air pollution, illiteracy and ignorance among others are also linked to the spread of TB. In conclusion the author offers solutions brought about by the WHO, which is creating initiatives and incentives to curb the spread of TB in India and other places in world by provision of  TB vaccination, building properly ventilated buildings and educating the masses on TB  if only to try and control, also contain the spread of TB in India.


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