Covid-19 vs. E-Management and Technology


Lockdowns, Quarantines, Social distancing, Covid-19, Digital technology, E-management, Transparent communication, Online Presence


This paper highlights factors that companies should have put into consideration during this covid-19 pandemic which would have ensured that they didn’t lose employees also ensuring that they kept businesses alive. The paper also focuses on factors that when considered, the business thrives accordingly. Transparent communication has been addressed among the factors to improve the productivity of the business or company, this is seen especially through communication via messages, which is made possible by Customizing messages for clients based on previous activities and interactions with your company. Use relevant platforms to update employees and the entire team on every development in the delivery of goods and services. Encouraging and motivating employees so that inasmuch as they might find themselves working from home be working from home, they still get to feel like part of the larger team since covid-19 has taught the masses that business need to have a viable crisis and continuity plans in the event that such an event happens as part of the solutions. 


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