Fetal Abnormality


Abortion, Christian worldviews, Severe fetal abnormality, Healthcare behaviors, Moral status, Intrinsic value, Cognitive properties, Human properties, Ethical standards, Fetal Abnormality


The essay analyzes the differing views between Christian and scientific (medical) worldviews pertaining to the life of a fetus with Fetal abnormality. In this case a mother to be is met with the conflicting views and the challenge of having to keep to full-term the pregnancy of a fetus with severe fetal abnormality; and therefore choosing to live with an abnormal baby thereafter or to take the doctor’s advice and undergoing an abortion which will end the life of the fetus, and save the couple the challenge of having to raise a child with severe abnormalities. These conflicting worldviews have shown that most people’s morals are guided by Christian worldviews which believe that a fetus has life and this is what leaves the mother in a dilemma of preserving moral ethics and dignity if she were to keep the fetus to term but loses her morals if she did an abortion.



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