Future of Rural Development


Rural Urbanization, Infrastructure advancement, Delocalization, Social amenities, Vision 2030, Proletariat, Bourgeoisie


Rural urbanization is the process by which the rural areas become urbanized. This means that huge populations are slowly concentrated in the rural areas and slowly they develop to become towns and cities. The development of the rural areas is strongly pegged on the advancement of physical and social infrastructure and delocalization of industries this is to discourage the rural population from migrating to the urban centers in search of greener pastures. Advancement of social amenities, these are examples of schools, hospitals even catering and accommodation services to make them more like what we have in the urban centers and uplift the services they offer is already a place to begin. This paper addresses the processes and the adjustment that needs to be put in place so as to encourage future rural urbanization hence discouraging rural-urban migration and immigration. It outlines the conditions necessary for and the direction of rural economic urbanization.


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