Current Event of Corona Virus


Wuhan, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Facemasks, Sanitize, Incubation period, Social distance, Handwashing, Disinfection


ยท         The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has brought the entire world to a standstill with the first infection case reported in Wuhan, China. Coronavirus disease belongs to a large group of viruses that have been said to primarily affect animals. However, in rare cases like this, the disease affects humans. The main mode of transmission of this virus is through physical contact and that is why people are encouraged to wear facemasks and sanitize them as often as possible. This essay will discuss the transmission, signs and symptoms, prevention, treatment and vaccines while also analyzing the future outlook of the world from here onwards, since it is already evident that coronavirus and its aftermath already have a long-lasting effect that will be with the world for a long time.


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