Organisational communication


Communication, Business Development, Internal contact, Contact void, Employee, Management, Customer service, Organization


In any given organization’s community, proper communication provides cooperation and creates a base to establish and maintain proper relationships. An organization in this context can be described as a group of people gathered to achieve a shared purpose, task, or intent; and in such a setting, communication challenges can and always come up often and have the ability to cause ambiguity and uncertainty. The essay is about research and survey conducted in an organization that aims to understand whether there is internal contact between the members of customer service, team leaders, and the supervisors in that organization. The entire essay is committed to understanding the reason behind the existing internal contact void between managers, customer service agents and team leaders in this particular organization. To determine the understanding of subjects (employees) understanding of the level of contact of their immediate supervisor and finally the study would analyze the forms in which employees typically obtain most of their data in the organization


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