Organizational Behaviour; Closed systems


Ethical principles, Personal values, Societal principles, Police ethics, Codes of ethics, Gratuity, Law enforcement, Criminal justice, Physical coercion, Miranda protections, Ethical leadership, Whistleblower hotline


The paper addresses the various codes of conduct that governs society, an organization, and more so the police force and the criminal justice system since it is anticipated that law enforcement officers would comply with the code of ethics outlining basic standards for the ethical practices of policing professionals. That code of ethics should become a part of the demeanor of each officer to be successful, and officers should strive to behave and think ethically and prevent contradictory actions. The essay gives an example of giving and receiving free coffee to law enforcement officers, the police officers in this case. It compromises the way they render services and at some point making them lose their relevance in society. The essay therefore, is creating a comparison where the application of these codes of conduct in an organization through encouraging workers to be inspired to live up to the principles of the business, this is because it has been realized that ethical leadership contributes to higher job retention and reduced levels of attrition


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