Teacher retention and attrition


The education sector, Special education, Teacher attrition, Retention, Indiana, Texas, Trained teachers, Special needs, Burnout capital, Administrative units


This essay is research on special education teachers' attrition and retention after they retire or give up and quit teaching as a career altogether. It is evident that the United States government no longer values education the way it did previously, almost a century. This has been deduced after qualitative and quantitative research which concluded that the support public school more so the ones with students with special needs who require specially trained teachers lack the support they require from the government to allow them to perform their roles effectively. The study aimed to identify contributing factors towards the issue of attrition and retention by the trained teachers for children with special needs but most importantly who is responsible for this mayhem and what might be the possible reasons contributing towards teacher attrition; potential factors that might lead to teacher retention. To understand if there are any plans by the government to solve the entire problem completely. It is discovered that some underlying reasons for this challenge might include; excessive work, less payment, additional paperwork among other factors. And therefore the Ministry of education ministry should put an end to this issue by simply supporting the teachers for teachers with special needs.


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