Black Lives Matter Movement


Human rights movement, Civil rights movement, Racism, Police brutality, Equality, Jim Crow, George Fyod , Criminal justice, Ideology, Black Lives matter


Black lives matter was initially meant to be a civil rights movement that was going to fight for the rights of Black people in America. However, this essay is written to argue that even in the face of such a movement, it has been forced to be a human rights movement that fights for the rights of the black people so that they live a life free of the dehumanizing and deplorable conditions they go through just because of their skin color. Centuries after the abolishment of the Jim Crow laws which mainly were about separate but equal rights for the blacks and whites in America, we still see criminal justice continue to issue the police with a search warrant on the blacks and restrictions such as accessing employment, good housing, jury services, and public benefits upon release from prison. The black lives matter movement has been a total failure that needs reawakening.


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