Nursing Stress Survey


Nursing career, Medical system, Mandatory overtime, Stress and fatigue, Workplace violence, Healthcare workers, Human health, Horizontal violence


The first part of this paper discusses the various forms of stress that nurses encounter at the workplace, as they handle their day-to-day activities. Nurses are faced with issues like mandatory overtime which exposes them to long working hours which is mentally and physically exhausting to the nurses. Workplace safety is another issue where they are sometimes faced with workplace violence from both client’s residents and sometimes fellow colleagues. Therefore they need to be in the know that as a nurse how to handle and predict potential threats. Nurses are also faced with personal health issues due to fatigue since the nursing career is physically and emotionally exhausting, hence the need for them to sometimes take time away from work so that they can relax. And since in this career stress is almost guaranteed, nurses need to learn how to take care of themselves especially through  eating healthy, well-balanced diets, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and giving oneself a break if they feel stressed and practice meditation.


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