The Danish Justice system


Criminal Justice System, Law Enforcement, Criminology, Ministry of Justice, Denmark, Comparative Criminal Justice, International Criminal Law, Retribution, Reformation


Denmark is regarded as one of the countries with the best criminal systems in the world, its system has clarity in most of the critical areas of a justice system. A system of law enforcement that involves the apprehension, prosecution, defending, judgment and sentencing of those who are found to be guilty of criminal activities. It provides a clear classification crime and states clearly the age of criminal responsibility. This paper will analyze the criminal justice of Denmark, explain the concept of comparative criminal justice and how this concept of comparative criminal justice is applied in Denmark while also discussing how their criminal justice compares with that of the United States and discuss ideas from different scholars on this criminal justice system. There have been two competing theories on how the society should punish offenders this is according to an article by Georgetown University. And theories are reformation and retribution. Retribution is all about seeking to revenge on the offenders while reformation more of seeking to correct the offenders. 


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