Genetically modified foods, Social welfare maximization, Thomas Malthus, Geometrical ratio, Human engineering, Malthusian tension, Pesticide residue


The conversation around Genetically Modified Foods, its effects, benefits, consequences, and impacts on human beings, animals, and the environment has been ongoing for quite some time now. Its relation to greenhouse gas emissions and so on. However, since the era of Thomas Malthus, the father to a theory on agricultural products and population growth, which lead to the birth of the term Malthusian tension, alot of research has been conducted and a number of benefits associated with genetically modified foods have been found. This essay focuses on these benefits, and their critiques while also making comparisons by use of a graph of all major developments that have been ongoing and their link to the former Malthus era and the current state of affairs in the field of research. The essay has also highlighted the impacts of GMOs on the environment and the cost we are to pay for this invention.


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