Cultural Diversity


Cultural heritage, Ethnic groups, Stereotypes, Prejudice, Cultural background, Cultural diversity, Racism, Slavery, Immigrants, Immigration, African American, America


America is viewed in this essay as a country made up of immigrants, and it is the reason it has been viewed as one of the most culturally diverse of communities in the world. Wilson Woodrow the then president of America in 1915 encouraged his citizens to view themselves as simply Americans because whoever viewed themselves as belonging to a particular group or ethnicity then was unfit to be called an American. The reason behind this encouraging statement was because American is entirely comprised of immigrants, either Hispanic- Latino, African- American or Russian-America among other immigrants from other cultures across the world.  Due to this diverse nature America has to be known as the land of cultural diversity. Due to this cultural diversity, America has continued to face challenges because diversity is an area full of controversy. However, diversity also helps people living in one community to build trust, respect, and understanding for each other and their cultures as they interact with each other. 


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