Qualitative and Quantitative Nursing Research


Data collection, Surveying, Target population, Nursing practice, Credible sources, Houser’s checklist


This is a nursing research looking into the life of patients and their partners health related quality of life before and four months after coronary artery bypass grafting surgery. This is a procedure that leaves the patient completely incapacitated making them entirely dependent on their partners before and after the operation. The author uses Houser’s checklist as guide in determining the research design; that is whether qualitative or quantitative, since the author feels that the checklist would help in assessing the credibility of the evidence provided in the study and determine whether the research’s integrity was compromised by any bias. The paper seeks to evaluate the credibility of the research design used critically, apply professional citation of other sources, analyze the procedures used, and establish the study's contribution towards evidence-based practice. 


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