Managerial Accounting


Reward systems, Appraisal programs, Employee performance, Evaluation methods, Business operation, Capital investment, Financial instruments, Human capital, Employees, Organizational assets, Accounting, Empowerment program


The accounts department in any given organization is responsible for the regulation of financial data flow, identification, and correction of errors and fraud due to poor accounting practices. Capital investment is the accumulation of enough cash and assets to enable a firm to run its operations smoothly, and this is done mostly through investing in the capital market by buying financial instruments like bonds and shares. The same transacted to get funds to run the firm. Any successful organization understands that its success is not entirely dependent on accounting to succeed. And this is where human capital comes in. Human capital is the combination of an individual’s skills, ability and knowledge in an organization to produce items and service delivery. This is the main reason why employees therefore create a significant value to the firm and should be considered as organization assets. While the quality of a firms financial data is important and very critical in decision making, regular employee empowerment programs help promote business operations, can help build a strong brand hence attracting more consumers. Therefore, the essay seeks to analyze the importance of human capital appraisal as well as proper accounting for the success of any thriving firm. 

Keywords: Reward systems, Appraisal programs, Employee performanc

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