World systems and the Covid 19 Pandemic


Corona virus disease, Covid-19, Pandemic, Systems Operation, World systems, Lockdown, New normal, Education sector, Schools, Students, Systems approach, Flu pandemic


The year 2020 has left the world shaken with a new normal that has threatened world economic stability plunging the entire system into a social and economic dilemma that has not been witnessed since the Great depression of 1919. All this has been as a result of the spread of the novel corona virus disease which has come to be known widely as the cocid-19 pandemic. Not since the flu pandemic of 1918, the world has not experienced a disease that spread so fast with fatal consequences as such. Leading to closure of the economy, schools and actual total lockdown of countries and strong world system.  This essay attempts to analyze and examine the effects of this novel corona virus pandemic on the world using three of Senge‚Äôs Eleven Laws of the Fifth Discipline, Casual loop system and the Soft System Approach. While conclusively admitting that corona virus is here to stay and the world has had to learn to live with it in the long run since it has affected everyone directly and indirectly and the sad reality is that it is here to stay as the new normal.


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