Covid 19 and mental Health


Covid-19, Global health concerns, Health sector crisis, Quarantine effect, Deadly coronavirus, Depression, Disease control, Potential pandemics, Therapeutics and vaccines, Mental conditions, Minorities.


The paper explains why the United States of America and the world at large is not ready for another pandemic. It also elaborates why the outbreak of coronavirus has led to increased mental health-related problems especially among the minorities of the world. The covid-19 outbreak has exposed that even the powerful nations like the United States, China, and European countries are inadequately prepared for some occurrences. According to this paper the reasons for this are due to lack of preparedness due to lack of coordination in the federal response, insufficient resources because the USA is not putting enough resources to deal with potential threats and also organizational change in the healthcare department which has been putting less focus on the minority members of society who are mostly affected by mental disorders and depression. In conclusion, the paper gives recommendations on how to solve the crisis by indicating that the state should put more minorities in the healthcare sector to improve the health systems' efficiency.


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