Capitalists versus wage labourers


Business environment, Employee relations, social relationships, Wage labor, Worker misclassification, Human resource, Capitalism, Employer, Wage workers, Tennessee, Surplus labour, Undocumented immigrants


The aim and the objective of every business organization is to have a secure and safe workplace encouraging communication that enhances supportive culture. However, different issues that are normal and evident in a business organization can snowball into large and big problems. This paper analyzes the issue involving employers-the capitalists and the employee referred to as the wage workers, while also discussing the ways the interest of the capitalists and the wage workers and their power relations. It focuses on the Tennessee-based slaughterhouse which was found to be exploiting undocumented immigrants in a very exploitive work environment, which had consequences. This entire essay commits to expounding on the consequences faced by this organization and what could have been done better to avoid this fatal outcome when the authorities come into the picture.


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