Community Health Nursing


Obesity, Mental health, Mortality rate, Age, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Regular exercise, Cardiovascular disease, Healthcare, Lifestyle, Community Health Nurse  


Community health nurses play a significant role in providing health care for patients because they are trained in performing primary care for patients, including emotional support, the procedure of administering injections, how to clean and dress wounds injured patients among many other procedures related to caregiving. This paper mainly addresses obesity as a health crisis in the United States and the role community health nurses play in helping to curb this before it gets out of hand. Obesity has been mentioned to be a public crisis being one of the leading causes of mortality rate with nearly half of the population of Hispanic, Black and Native Americans being affected. The major causes of obesity have been identified to be a metabolic reaction, behavioral, environmental, socio-economic and cultural effects. While obesity itself leads to an increased risk of blood cholesterol, breathing difficulties, and certain types of cancer, this is where the community health nurses come in to plan educational assemblies to train people on healthy habits and advocate for overall patients' health and wellbeing. 


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