Drug abuse and Misuse in the UK


Drug misuse, Drug abuse, Colleges, Universities, Students, Health practitioners, Addiction, Peers, Cocaine, Cannabis, Alcohol


Drug misuse refers to the overuse or underuse of any kind of drug whether prescribed by the doctor or purchased over the counter without a prescription. It does not necessarily have to be the misuse of illegal drugs as most people have perceived over time. This paper aims to respond to the concerns as to the impact of drug misuse among college and university students in the United Kingdom. Explains why this misuse is more prevalent among white students and not nonwhites. Also why the number of male students misusing drugs is higher than that of their counterpart, the female students. And how the government of the United Kingdom has helped if at all, in curbing the effect and prevalence of drug misuse among the mentions group of students. The study is aimed at shedding more light on the larger community to identify the drugs most misused and abused in colleges and universities and how they can help to reduce the cases of addiction among these minors.


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