Inequality in Social Work Practice


Population, Social work, Well-being, People’s Needs, Psychosocial, Health, Poverty, Theory, Social workers, Gender inequality, Environment


One of the most critical social workers' roles is to improve people's health, well-being, and reduce inequalities but despite that, some social workers are experiencing inequality mainly due to the disparity in earnings between male and female social workers. This essay, therefore, examines the various disparities in the social work profession both in terms of gender, remuneration and in terms of work assigned to social workers at different hierarchical levels in the organization. This inequality has been found to cause poverty, affect social workers psychosocially and economically. The author uses various theories, among them psychosocial theory and transpersonal theories to clearly bring out the various forms of inequalities. Canada's political structure has been used to illustrate and emphasize income inequality in relation to labour, gender, and employment.


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