Legal Analysis and Preventive Strategies of Animal Cruelty


Animal cruelty, Animal abuse, Standardized data-reporting protocols, Animal welfare education, Veterinarians, Animal protection laws, Animal welfare act, Federal crime


Animal cruelty has been a culture that has gone unreported and unnoticed for a long time and this essay seeks to discuss and create awareness that has been leashed on animals and how to curb it. In the United States, they have established reporting protocols which are standardized to encourage the society to report animal abuse and to also sensitize them on the appropriate measures that should be undertaken to ensure that animals are not abused and the steps they need to take in the event that one comes across an abused animal as they await the authorities to show up and act on it. Legislations have been put in place to ensure that abusing animals is a federal crime as is outlined with examples in the essay. While also ensuring that the society is sensitized on the care they should handle animals with and the veterinarians also identify an differentiate intentional assault or cruelty leashed on animals from an accident occurrence. 


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