Nine Moral World Views


Ethics, Personal reflection, Morality, Kindness, Competition, Rational, Free-will, Freedom, Responsibility, Innate dignity, Positive intention, Judaism, Ancient worldview, Utilitarianism, Moral absolutism, Sociobiology, Mirror neurons, Character ethics, Abortion


The main aim of this essay is to sketch out the main tenents, starting points, bases, and key points of each of the nine moral world views according to Immanuel Kant but not to elaborate or expound on any of them. Morality has been described as the science of ought; where ought is concerned with “right and wrong,” which is one of the strongest and most deeply felt realities Where one gets from what is to what ought to be. This essay, therefore, identifies nine competing bases for one’s sense of ought. The author has used various examples of morality versus other schools of thought on what each thinks should be the case.


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