Depression, Melancholy, Exhaustion, Chronic pain, Abuse, Conflict, Social seclusion, Brain aggravation


The essay describes depression as a state of mind issue that includes an industrious sentiment of bitterness and loss of intrigue. While depression is not an illness like any other but rather a condition, it can keep going for a little while, months, or years. Depression has numerous indications which are red flags to any person and also to the medical profession which let them know that a patient is not doing well. Melancholy, an implication of depression is said to cause brain irritation since it is connected to the measure of time an individual has been discouraged or rather depression has been developing. Since brain aggravation can make the cells of the cerebrum die, this can prompt various difficulties both psychological and bunch treatment. The essay has also highlighted and expounded in detail the reasons as to why people fall into a depression to start with and the impacts it has on the body and mind.


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