Racism and the atomic Bomb


Nuclear bombs, Nuclear reactions, Atomic bombs, Robert Oppenheimer, Discrimination, Racism, Ethnic group, High-risk jobs, Antisemitism, Jewish, Anti-Italianism, Enrico fermi


Racism is the discrimination by an individual, institution or society against another person on the basis of ethnic or racial groups mostly characterized by discriminating a certain ethnic group can cause numerous social and political conflicts. This essay discusses racism, and the various forms it has taken since before the term racism was coined and used in the early years of the 20th century. Going back in History, in the era of building Pyramids in Egypt and the slave trade where Africans were sold to work on White plantations since theirs was seen as an inferior race, to the more recent examples of antisemitism in Germany and anti-Italianism in North America, racial discrimination seems to have gone on and on even before the people knew it. This easy has discussed racism in relation to the invention of the first nuclear weapons which were for the first time leashed on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan to stop world war II and how the inventors of these deadly weapons were inspired in relation to racism.


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