Role of Social media in student learning


Collaborative learning, Educational technique, Social media, Curricula, Facebook, Twitter, Social engagement, Creative writing


Collaborative learning is a technique in education where more than one person learns in a group to achieve a task completion or resolve an issue communally. The technique is aimed at creating a positive and serene learning environment for students who thrive best in a teamwork setting as opposed to independent learning. Social media is becoming an eminent part of people’s lives since it has been found to have the potential power to facilitate higher-level learning outcomes as it allows the students to create, edit and share the course content in various numerous contexts that is understood by different people on different levels. Social media for collaborative learning allows the students to be physically and mentally involved in the learning process and this is what this paper has focused on widely and expansively, trying to exhaustively expound on the importance of collaborative learning for not just the learners even in universities but also the course instructors.


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