Autism Spectrum Disorders


Autism Spectrum Disorder, Socialization, Communication, Technology, Diagnosis, Behavioral, Occupational therapy, Treatment program, Disabilities, Environmental, Social interaction


Autism Spectrum Disorders commonly referred to as ASD is described as early signs of impairments in socialization and communication most especially in the presence of repetitive behaviors. The condition has been found to be three to four times more common in boys than in girls. While the study doesn’t indicate any reasons for this outcome, this study has expounded on the characteristics of autistic people, their families, and socialization with the larger community. This study not only highlights the various forms of stigmatization they encounter throughout most of their lives, it outlines the diagnosis, prognosis, possible treatment, and interventions in the medical field this far. Thus far there is no known cure for ASD, however conclusively, the author feels that since the world is revolutionizing, there is a need to build awareness on this condition which until now has been viewed as a very private matter among the affected victims.


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