Comparison of Health Care Systems: German and the United States


Universal primary health care, Vaccines, Health insurance, Medicare plan, Federal government, US government, German healthcare


German has one of the most comprehensive Health Care systems globally ranging from the highest quality treatment to universal primary health care for its entire population. Services offered by the health care are broad with only a few sicknesses not covered in the insurance premiums. Sickness funds have been set up and are funded both publicly and privately.  These insurance funds are mandated to cover a wide range of services, from preventive services, home nursing care, and hospital care, among others. The Germany Health Care system has made the cost of seeking health care cheap and affordable necessitated by the principle of mandatory insurance.  Germany has invested extensively in its health care with the government and the state taking the lead in ensuring service delivery is not compromised. Its Counterpart the United States on the other hand, is doing poorly in Heath Care since most healthcare services are out of pocket expenses because the Health Care is not set to accommodate those with medical insurance, and those without. Some fail to access proper medical care due to the high costs of the services. If the Medicare plan is implemented accordingly in the US it would significantly impact on the healthcare sector especially for the low- and middle-income population.


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